Hotel beachfront living area with couches & decor at El Conquistador Resort

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Dining table and sofa in Las Brisas, Two-Bedroom Oceanfront Suite at El Conquistador Resort

About us

Dining table and sofa in Las Brisas, One Bedroom Oceanfront Suite at El Conquistador Resort

About us

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El Conquistador Resort is an iconic resort perched high on a 300-foot cliff overlooking the exact spot where the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean meet. It's enriched with history and architectural value since its early development 60 years ago. The resort first opened in 1962 until the oil crisis in the mid-70s caused its closure. We'll take a closer look into its lucrative modernist style and how it's still being honored to this day.

El Conquistador Resort Through the Years

  • 1962
    July 14, 1962
    July 14, 1962

    El Conquistador Resort Opens!

    El Conquistador Resort opened its doors on July 14, 1962, for the first time with four stories and 84 rooms, what is known as Las Vistas. The entire first floor featured framed views of Palomino Island and the ocean. Guests could enjoy a swimming pool, two tennis courts, lawn bowling, and roquets on the property. Each room showed off the panoramic views, and had twin beds, handmade Spanish bedspreads, area rugs, and a telephone.

  • 1968
    November, 1968
    November, 1968

    Growing to 388 Rooms!

    El Conquistador Resort grew into a 388-room resort adding Las Olas and Las Brisas. The new interiors reflected a mix of Ultra-Contemporary and Continental Spanish styles. Apart from the opulent amenities, an immense golf course was added, which to this day is one of the most striking aspects of the resort. The cableway and funicular were also distinct features of the resort.

  • 1993
    October 27, 1993
    October 27, 1993

    El Conquistador Resort Opens its doors again!

    El Conquistador Resort reopened after the Middle-east oil embargo of the mid-70’s, the subsequent recession, and diminishing island tourism exacted a heavy toll. The reopening came with new additions like the harborside village (La Marina Village) and the hilltop villas (Las Casitas Village), as well as with renovations to Las Brisas, Las Vistas, the lobby, the casino, tennis courts, the convention center, the main pool, the golf course, and a new main parking and remote parking. After the original golf course suffered damages after hurricane Hugo in 1989 the golf course architect Arthur Hills designed a wonderful new 18-hole layout. It continued growing throughout the years with additions such as the Coqui Water Park in 2007, improvements to the funicular, and additional convention space.

  • 2017
    September 20, 2017
    September 20, 2017

    Hurricane María

    After an arduous battle, the resort closed to the public after Hurricane Maria in 2017. The closure was supposed to be temporary for eight months, but almost two years after the hurricane, there were no signs of reopening.

  • 2021
    May 2021
    Trellises view with the sunrise
    May 2021

    The Rebirth of An Icon

    El Conquistador Resort reopened with a refresh and a modern Mediterranean feel. The clean anatomy of its original buildings is an ode to the modernist design. The setting is stunningly scenic. Each building respects where they’re located, as well as responds to their surroundings. Which is why the indoor-outside structure has maintained and improved to enrich the guest experience. The workmanship has stood the test of times and any guest can attest to the aesthetic and use of materials to enhance the view. Royale Blue Hospitality is committed to taking El Conquistador Resort to its most glorious days yet.

Group of people enjoying drinks in BoNo at El Conquistador Resort

Our Mission

At El Conquistador Resort we aim to provide an unparalleled experience of luxury, comfort, and relaxation to every guest who walks through our doors. We pledge to deliver exceptional service that exceeds expectations, crafting memorable moments and fostering lasting connections. With a commitment to excellence in every detail, we strive to be the most iconic resort in the Caribbean.

Aerial view of the beach coastline and pier at El Conquistador Resort
Full View of resort at sunrise

Our Vision

Embracing the breathtaking beauty of our coastal surroundings, our locally owned resort stands as a beacon of hospitality, community, and unparalleled service. With over 800 dedicated team members, we pledge to create unforgettable experiences, where every guest is cherished, and every moment is treasured. Our vision is to be the epitome of excellence in hospitality, where the majestic ocean view is surpassed only by the warmth of our hospitality, ensuring each visitor leaves with memories to last a lifetime.

2 women enjoying & sunbathing inside the pool at El Conquistador Resort
People sitting in the dining area in Ballyhoo at El Conquistador Resort

Our Values

At our resort, we cherish and prioritize two fundamental pillars: our exceptional team and our esteemed guests. We recognize that our team members are the heartbeat of our resort. We value their dedication, diversity, and talent. We foster an environment of respect, empowerment, and continuous growth, where every individual is encouraged to thrive and contribute their unique skills and perspectives. Our guests are at the core of everything we do. We are committed to exceeding their expectations by delivering personalized, attentive, and genuine service at every touchpoint. We strive to create memorable experiences that inspire loyalty and trust, ensuring each guest feels valued and appreciated. These values guide us in our daily endeavors, driving us to consistently elevate the standards of hospitality and create lasting connections with both our team members and guests. 

Aerial view of the beach coastline and pier at El Conquistador Resort

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