Palomino Island

Our private 100-acre getaway with pristine white beaches is available exclusively to resort guests. A unique experience awaits at our private island, Palomino. Pristine white sandy beaches….simply sit back and be served frozen libations on the shore. Chairs and umbrellas are available along the shoreline for your convenience and enjoyment. If looking for an even more luxurious beach day, we offer bohio rentals. 

Palomino Island operates from 10am- 5:00pm. The last boat to the island departs at 3 pm.*

*Reservations are made upon arrival at the Front Desk.

*Hours are subject to change.

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Water Sports are available on Palomino.  Services are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Services Available:

  • Snorkeling gear is available for $30.00
  • Freelance Paddle and Kayak for one hour $⁠77.76 / A tour with snorkeling $108.14
  • Jet ski: We have two route options depending on water conditions.
  1. Tours take between 45 minutes to an hour, setting sail from Palomino to Icacos Island, passing through "Isla de Lobos", and turning back to Palomino. Prices start at $206.56 per passenger.  An additional passenger can be added.  Price will change to $243.01
  2. A 30-minute tour is also available. One jetski with one passenger $121.50.  If a second passenger is added,  price is $145.80

For more information, you can contact our partners at 

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Palomino Island is completely ADA accessible, providing guests with unfettered access to all amenities, bathroom, restaurant, showers, souvenir shop, and the beach area (including a beach wheelchair with oversized wheels). Unfortunately, at present our main 150 passenger, ADA accessible, transportation vessel to and from the Island is in urgent need of repairs to be Coast Guard certifiable. We are currently engaged in those efforts and hope to have the vessel seaworthy and Coast Guard certifiable within the next six months. 

Therefore, to ensure that our staff provide a safe experience for themselves and guests, we have temporarily suspended trips to Palomino Island for our accessible needs guests. We understand that this can be disappointing, but we pride ourselves in prioritizing safety for both guests and staff above all else. We reiterate that this policy is only temporary, and we are striving to renew and reopen the Palomino experience for all of our guests in the very near future. The resort offers numerous other exciting activities and amenities that are sure to make your stay with us a memorable one, and all are completely ADA accessible. 

If there is anything else we can do to make your stay with us more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at